Party of Gargoyles


Party of Gargoyles

By, Nancy Hammond

Photo Credit: Thomas Quine


In a press release just in, Republican leaders from the Grand Old Party have declared a separate party in reverse. After a unanimous vote, the Republicans will now subsist as a two party system. The GOP and, in secession, the newly established POG or Party of Gargoyles. The Republican establishment has “outed” these gargoyles as being subhuman. In an unprecedented declaration many in the GOP are saying that the gargoyles are half man and half beast.

We have seen this sort of thing coming as the Republican party has eroded into certain death. Clearly they could not be saved by the likes of Karl Rove (now believed to be a gargoyle himself) or by Rush Limbaugh, who is rumored to have moved to Germany. So, what do we make of the elephant in the room? There is plenty of blame to go around. For many years, anger and frustration in this country has been mounting. Uprise protest groups like, “Do Your Damn Job” have become voracious in the streets. The Tea Party movement has been taken down by the Millennials and the Evangelicals have been, well…I have no idea. Credit should also be given to the Koch brothers for their million dollar backing of a mockup candidate. Many “thanks” to the Supreme Court’s ruling of Citizens United which paved the way for the wealthy to make bestial donations. Yes, you can buy a human. But in a twist of fate, big money in politics now squares off with a disenfranchised voting base. At long last our civil liberties are front and center.

The Party of Gargoyles are mythical creatures who have come to life; the historical depiction of evil from the 12th century, now a modern day subhuman in stone face. They are being used as water spouts as seen with Marco Rubio. Often gargoyles display grotesque features like Ted Cruz or they smack of a Gothic flying buttress, as with Donald Trump. Be that as it may, the POG are menacing and their mere presence has forced conventional Republicans to deface them. In response, the gargoyles are calling this an act of discrimination and plan to prosecute. The POG claim that this is not a gargoyle issue but is a violation of their human rights. Reportedly they are half right.

There is one thing that I am certain of, big changes are happening. The façade of our Republican leaders has fallen, warts and all. We’ve watched the morphing of the GOP and, as a consequence, the birth of the POG. It is time to respect our shared humanity and accept our cryptic differences or live with hearts of stone.