Who Is Eating the GOP?

By, Nancy Hammond

  Simple, the Grand Old Party or republicans are eating each other. Cannibalism is the practice of eating human flesh or internal organs of other human beings. And we get to watch all of it on television. These are drastic times for the republican candidates and the race to the white house. Donald Trump began the foot-in-mouth and then gave the other GOP Headhunters an arm and a leg, on which to stand. Throughout history, the Headhunter would eat some of the enemy flesh in order to absorb their vitality. True story. Cannibals feast on the dead after a battle. Look what happened to the speaker of the house, John Boehner. But where it all starts to go wrong is when the GOP tries to recycle dead bodies. You just end up with GOOP. Ironically, there are no laws in the United States against cannibals. Although it should be noted, the law tells us that you cannot murder or dismember other human beings. Instead, I guess you have to just stumble over a dead body and be really hungry. Somehow that makes total sense. Make no bones about it, the GOP is out for blood but only for their own ilk. The capitalist regime of the Grand Old Party are not just in a state of decay, they are fodder for all democrats. Anyone with half a brain, can see that the GOP is not entitled to a grand old party with cake and ice cream. So, sadly the GOP often hungers for the old life of the party, Ronald Reagan. Wait isn’t he dead? Hmm. The Neanderthal line-up of the GOP will not bite your tongue but they will continue to nibble away at each other. That is the good news. Just as the buffalo were lead off the cliffs, Donald Trump has goaded his band of Headhunters along with him, into inevitable extinction. Suffice it to say, the present day GOP is not unlike the early cannibals. With one exception, this modern day Headhunter eats itself alive. Let this be a stark reminder that history can and does repeat itself.


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