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Activate Radio is a Non-Commercial online radio station that broadcasts digitally, streaming on shoutcast 24/7 and features fresh content daily from all corners of the earth. Not all the viewpoints or perspectives here represent the values or ideals of Activate Media. That being said we try to have fair journalistic principles.

Status: Up  

Show Schedule

Democracy Now!        6 pm eastern Monday – Friday

The Occupied Nation Show    7 pm eastern Mondays

CrimethInc    9 pm eastern Mondays

Classic Free School University  7 pm eastern Tuesdays

Talk World Radio       8 pm eastern  Tuesdays

Alternative Radio        9 pm eastern Tuesdays

The Peoples History of Money    10 pm eastern Tuesdays

51%                                    7 pm eastern Wednesdays

Nuclear Hotseat           8 pm eastern Wednesdays

The Edge Show    9 pm eastern Wednesdays

Economic Update         7 pm eastern Thursdays

The Final Straw Radio       8 pm eastern Thursdays

Earth Riot Radio    9 pm eastern Thursdays

Radio EcoShock          7 pm eastern Fridays

Non-Visual Radio                        8 pm eastern Fridays

The Big Picture w/ Melvin Syrie Jr.    9 pm eastern Fridays

The Library                  12 midnight eastern Saturdays

Interfaith Voices                     8 am eastern Sundays

Around the Table with Powerful Women  9 am eastern  Sundays

Veterans for Peace Radio Show   10 am eastern Sundays

The Anti-Fragile Playbook     11 am eastern Sundays 

Latenight on Activate Radio M-F
12- Democracy Now
1- Nuclear Hotseat
2- Occupied Nation
3- Economic Update
4- 51%

All times Eastern

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